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    Liu Nai's mouth twitched and he almost couldn't help but laugh out loud. This scene was truly amazing. With Tie Xiu's strong physical strength, he used a special mountain to refine and then attack. click!

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    Lieu Nai reached out and smashed the ghost soul container. In the blink of an eye, the screams of the ghost wolf filled the entire space, even the sky seemed to be affected, one could see how much was contained inside.

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    Zhunti couldn't think of it either, but who let him be deceived by Liu Nai and the others? Negative energy. No exposure.

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    Huh, probably because there was ice just now so the wind was a bit cold.

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    "Be quiet, lower your voice, it's a foreigner, not connected to the Internet."

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    You are still too impulsive. If you already have the forbidden method of refining and the Luu Ly golden pill technique, why are you still playing Thien Co? Besides, if you want, you can find a better choice, I can get it first. Resources are limited, now it's different, I can find many precious ancient insects."

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    "According to Han Thai Huong, there is news from the upper world that the selection will be accelerated, and all sect affairs must give way to this matter. Therefore, the current head of Lianhuawu decided to simply move the sect, so Liu Jianing is Not the only one who wants to leave, I will leave with you later." Van Ngoc Dung picked up the vase and touched Lieu Nai with some helplessness in his words.

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    Of course, Nu Oa didn't care, but in Tieu Truc's eyes, she was really embarrassed. It's also the reason why they haven't returned to the upper world for a long time. I can only say, master, I've eaten shit!

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    Liu Nai is not at all optimistic that Thuc Pho Tien can escape. After all, this is a Truc Tien sword array, the coverage area seems to be larger than the range of a nuclear bomb, how can he escape?

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    "That's it, okay, tell me what to do, I'll go prepare." A Lac didn't seem to have any doubts.

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    "I heard that the decision was made by many elders of the Federation Institute."

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    This time even Han Shaoshi was stunned on the spot, what should I say? In the past, it was normal for Confucian greats to quarrel because of different opinions, but now everyone has the same opinion, but still have to argue about what to do. Why is this so?

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    Of course, Li Daxi promised to reopen the Xuanhuang Academy, but... who knows whether the Xuanhuang Academy will still have the effect of awakening terrifying energy in the future?

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    Qing Jie looked strangely at Liu Nai, the senior who always said things that people couldn't understand... so knowledgeable!

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    If Kien Dao Son decides to deal with Liu Nai, then in this matter they have common interests with the Great Qin Dynasty and the Ancient Sword Sect, and then it will be difficult for both sides to persecute the Liu Ly Immortal Sect or not. said, although there will be no more Fighting, it is difficult to say whether some humiliating agreement will be signed or not. After all, isn't it common sense to negotiate after a war?

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    "Wow! That doesn't make sense, why was Thien Loi so powerful before? I'm the castrated version!"

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    The person blocking the way was an old woman with a white beard falling down her chest... Huh? old woman?

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    The young man in black smiled happily and said: "Don't say that, he is your master after all, and most of your abilities are related to him, people in the Demon Sect can support you." There aren't many disciples like that."

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    Bich Tieu glared angrily: "Which side are you from?"

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    However, Liu Nai had no interest in bullying others, so he calmly asked: "I think your sand country is a centralized monarchy, but the situation of the three golden fairies just now make me understand. This is a theocracy!"

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    These Yimu Divine Thunder did not form a net, they just did not pay attention to combat skills at all, but because there were no rules, there was no way to rely on experience to avoid this kind of evil cultivator. There is no way to avoid it and can only defend. Defense is delayed by speed.